Nov. 28 Newsletter re: School Odour

Nov. 28 Newsletter re: School Odour
Posted on 11/01/2018

Principal:  Alison Fraser      Vice Principals:  Kelly Witley & Nicola Dillard         Office Administrator:  Diane Clarke               -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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November 28, 2018


Dear Thunder Families:


As you are aware, the construction of the new Kingston Secondary School adjacent to Molly Brant Elementary School is well under way. Our students and staff have been wonderfully accommodating to ensure we maintain a safe environment for everyone while construction proceeds near our school campus.


Recently, work has begun on the roof of KSS. Sometimes, this work can produce odours which are typical during roofing projects. There may also be some odour as a result of repaving work at the apartment building on the east side of our school. Working with the Board’s Facility Services team and our Health & Safety Coordinator, we have introduced some changes to minimize the amount of outside air that flows through our school to alleviate any unpleasant odours.


It’s important to note that these odours are simply a nuisance and result in only potential temporary discomfort. These odours do not pose a health hazard for our students or staff. Only those working in direct and close proximity to the roofing product (tar) that is actively being burnt (melted) might experience possible lung irritation if breathed in. 


School staff and students have been incredibly flexible and positive during some minor disruptions to our day as a result of the construction of KSS. In fact, the construction project has provided for some interesting learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom. There is much excitement for the completion of the new school which our students will one day attend.


Please know that the school and Board continue to work diligently to ensure student and staff safety are always at the forefront. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact the school.


Alison Fraser,