March 2021 Newsletter

March 2021 Newsletter



Spring Break 

As you have likely heard, the Ministry of Education has made the decision to postpone the traditional March Break until April.  Therefore, there WILL BE school the week of March 15-19.  The new dates for Spring Break will be April 12-16. 


Changes to End of Day Plan 

If you need to change the dismissal plan for your child at the end of the day (for example normally they go on the bus but someone will be picking them up at the school or you want them to be sent home on the bus instead of attending the after school care program), please call the school before 2:15.  Changes after this time are hard to communicate to the teachers and the students because some classes have begun to pack-up and the classrooms and hallways are busy, loud places. 


Traffic Safety 

The safety of students is of the utmost importance and we need the help of parents/guardians and caregivers to ensure a safe arrival and dismissal time.  The area around the school is very congested at the beginning and end of the day with both buses and vehicle traffic.  If you drive your child to/from school, please ensure that you are following the street parking regulations posted by the City of Kingston.  


We ask that if you are picking up your student, you meet them on the kindergarten yard or the back yard of the school at 2:40.  Teachers will be dismissing students from the yard when the bell rings.  We do not want students and families congregating at the front door as buses are being loaded as this is a very busy place.  Parents/guardians and caregivers are strongly encouraged to meet their student on the yard and walk them to their vehicle.  Please discuss with your student the importance of crossing the street safely and the skills they need to use (looking both ways, not running out from between cars or snowbanks, crossing with the crossing guard).  During winter, when snowbanks make visibility more difficult, small and fast moving students are difficult for drivers to see.   


There are currently two City of Kingston Crossing Guards near the school; one at Kirkpatrick and Lyons and the other at Elliot and Lyons.  Crossing these streets at the crossing guard is the safest place to do so.  The Parent Council, Molly Brant staff and the Limestone District School Board continue to work together with the City of Kingston and families to increase safety for the community.  


Community Resource Officer, Constable Knott, of the Kingston Police will be visiting classrooms this week to talk with students about the importance of traffic safety and she will review with them the safest way to cross the street.  


COVID-19 Screener Updates 

Last week families received both an electronic copy and a paper copy of the updated COVID-19 screeners.  This screener has been updated and includes the requirement that a student with just one symptom must go home and self-isolate until they:  

1. Receive a negative COVID-1test result OR  

2. Receive an alternative diagnosis by a health care professional OR  

3. It has been 10 days since their symptoms began. 


The updated protocol also requires that all household members isolate until the symptomatic student meets the above criteria.  This means that if you are picking up a student who is symptomatic, all siblings will be sent home at the same time.  


Free menstrual hygiene products available in Limestone schools 

All of the female washrooms and gender-neutral washrooms on the upper floor, and the single stall washrooms by the gym have menstrual hygiene products in easily accessible locations for students to use.  This is part of a larger initiative by LDSB to have free menstrual hygiene products available in all LDSB schools, with a focus on Grades 7-12.  The products are free to students. Students may take items for use at school, or at home, as needed. 


Access to menstrual products can be a barrier for many students. Studies show that one in seven young women and non-binary people in Canada will miss some school because they don't have access to pads and tampons, largely because they cannot bear the financial burden of purchasing their own. Other times, students forget to plan ahead or find themselves in an emergency situation. We want to support students by breaking down these barriers and making menstrual hygiene products easily accessible. 


Nut Aware School 

Please do not send any food items containing peanuts or nuts to school.  We have several students in the school who have a life-threatening allergy to peanuts/nuts and even contact with nuts can cause them to have a severe reaction.   


Parent Council 

A big thank you to the Parent Council for providing personalized Valentine’s for students last month. 


The March Parent Council Meeting will take place virtually on Monday, March 1 at 6:00All parents/guardians of MBES students are welcome to attend. You may request a link to the meeting here: