March 2020 Newsletter

March Break

March Break is from Monday March 16-Friday March 20, 2020.  There is no school during this week.

Labour Update:

The Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario (ETFO) continues to engage in job actions with rotating strikes and the withdrawal of extra curricular activities, field trips and some administrative tasks.  There are no strike days planned for this first week of March, but please continue to monitor local media and social media for updates.

Please check Twitter @LimestoneDSB and the Board website at:  for current labour updates.

Changes to End of Day Plan

If you need to change the dismissal plan for your child at the end of the day (for example normally they go on the bus but someone will be picking them up at the school or you want them to be sent home on the bus instead of attending the after school care program), please call the school before 2:15.  Changes after this time are hard to communicate to the teachers and the students because some classes have begun to pack-up and the classrooms and hallways are busy, loud places.

Indigenous Programming at Molly Brant

Several of our students have been taking part in a variety of traditional activities with the support of EA Elias George and knowledge keepers from our community.  Students have been participating in smudging, making wampum belts, cooking a traditional meal, preparing a hide in the traditional way, learning the game of lacrosse, learning on the land at Gould Lake.  If your child is interested in taking part in these activities, please contact the school office.

Nut Aware School

Please do not send any food items containing peanuts or nuts to school.  We have several students in the school who have a life-threatening allergy to peanuts/nuts and even contact with nuts can cause them to have a severe reaction. 

Parent Council

The March Parent Council Meeting will take place on Monday, March 2nd at 6:00 in the Staff Room at Molly Brant.  All parents/guardians of MBES students are welcome to attend.  Child care if provided free of charge and meetings last for one hour.  The April meeting will take place on Monday, April 6th at 6:00pm.

Sweetheart Spaghetti Dinner and Dance

A wonderful time was had by all the families who attended the family dinner and dance.  A big thank you to the families who joined us, and especially to Parent Council and the volunteers who made it all possible.  The gym looked beautiful and the food was delicious!

Roots of Empathy

Molly Brant Elementary School Needs a Roots of Empathy Baby for Next Year.  If you are expecting a baby in June or July, you may be interested in volunteering to be part of a program called “Roots of Empathy.”  This program is taught in many schools worldwide and is developed to teach children how to empathetic towards a young baby and towards each other.  There is a strong anti-bullying theme.

The program is delivered by Cally Simmons, a retired teacher and principal, who has been trained to be the instructor.  There are eight themes taught from September to May and delivered in three week sessions.  For example, if the theme is “Safety”, Cally works with the class in the first week to generate issues of safety around the house.  The class works in groups to look at each room of the house to highlight potential safety concerns. In the second week, the baby visits and the class shares their findings with the mom and observes the baby’s growth and development.  The baby has a special green blanket and the class sits around the sides.  With the mother’s and instructor’s permission members of the class are invited to “play” with the baby using toys provided by the instructor. Week three the class meets again to review what has been learned about safety and children.

The baby visits once a month and is the highlight of the program. The class is Junior level (Grades 4-6) and for the past five years the host teacher has been Nancy Rosser. If you require more information, please contact Cally at

Winter Weather Reminders

  • Students go outside for recess twice a day throughout the winter, except in the cases of extreme cold (below -25 degrees). It is important that children are dressed for the weather. Please contact the office, or Ms. Carey, if your child needs winter clothing.


  • When the ground is frozen, students are not permitted to use the climbers.When the ground cover under the climbers is frozen it does not provide the cushioning effect it is designed to provide, in the event of a fall.


  • If buses are cancelled in the morning, they do not run in the afternoon, regardless of any improvements in the weather.This includes the bus to the Boys and Girls’ Club.If you choose to drive your child to school when buses are cancelled, you must pick them up at 2:40.


  • When the buses are cancelled, ALL after school programs and activities are cancelled.This includes sports team practices, SISTEMA, Pathways and Running and Reading.Please pick your child up at 2:40 when buses are cancelled as there is no supervision beyond that time.