April 2021 Newsletter

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March Fun

March had more school days than it usually does, and we made the most of them!  There were many fun things happening in classrooms and across the school during the month of March.  Our Spirit Squad helped us celebrate “Plant a Flower Day” by planting and giving each classroom a flower that they can watch grow.  A big shout-out of thanks to the dedicated members of the Spirit Squad in Mr. Pottery’s class who planted the seeds of joy and helped us to grow kindness in each classroom!

Other fun activities in March included school-wide virtual trivia games and a school-wide, virtual game of Simon Says. 


Asymptomatic COVID Testing Available to Students

Students are invited to participate in voluntary asymptomatic testing (no symptoms) for COVID-19 during designated times. Families must book appointments for students using the assessment centre’s existing booking process (online or by telephone). Walk-ins are not permitted. Parent/guardian consent is required for testing of students under the age of 18. This testing is only for students, staff and bus drivers who DO NOT have COVID-19 symptoms. Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 must self-isolate and get tested for COVID-19 at a Community Assessment Centre. The first asymptomatic testing dates for the KSS family of schools are: Wednesday, April 7 to Tuesday, April 13. Learn more and review the schedule by family of schools at https://bit.ly/LDSBAsymptomaticTesting.

Spring Break

The new dates for Spring Break will be April 12-16. The school will be closed this week.  We wish everyone a happy, healthy, and safe spring break!


Pest Control Update

Last week we shared information about the process the Board uses in schools to control pests.  We have had the contractor from the pest control company visit Molly Brant a couple of times in the last week, and as recently as Monday, March 29th.  The contractor found no recent evidence of cockroaches on the traps they use.  The situation will continue to be monitored by caretaking staff, Facility Services, and the pest control contractor.  Appropriate action will be taken should the situation change. There is no risk to student or staff safety.

 Dogs on School Property

Please ensure that your dog is on a leash anytime you come to the school.  The parking lot and yard are busy places, and we want to ensure that both children and dogs remain safe.


Nut Aware School

Please do not send any food items containing peanuts or nuts to school.  We have several students in the school who have a life-threatening allergy to peanuts/nuts and even contact with nuts can cause them to have a severe reaction. 

Masks at Pick-Up and Drop-Off

Family members and caregivers are asked to wear masks on school property.  This is especially important at drop-off and pick-up times when the yard is very busy and full of people. Thank you for your ongoing cooperation in keeping people safe, healthy and our school open.


April is Autism Awareness Month

World Autism Awareness Day takes place on Friday April 2.  Given that this is not a school day, we will recognize World Autism Day as a school on Tuesday, April 6th.  Since 1963 a puzzle piece has been the primary symbol for autism; it’s part of a unit and together we all insert our puzzle piece in the right place to come together to form a community. As the official colour for autism is blue, we are is initiating a “Paint the School Blue for Autism” day on April 6th and asking students and staff to wear blue shirts in support of understanding and acceptance for people with autism.


 Parent Council

At the March Parent Council Meeting, it was decided that there will be no meeting in April.  The Parent Council will meet for their final meeting of the year on Monday, May 3rd at 6:00.  Thank you to Melanie Harman for serving as the Parent Council secretary for the majority of this school year.  Ms. Harman is stepping down at this time for personal reasons.  At the May meeting, nominations for the position of secretary will be taken from the floor. All parents/guardians of MBES students are welcome to attend. A reminder and information about how to join the virtual meeting will be sent to all MBES families closer to the time.


COVID Screener Reminders

Families are reminded to use the COVID screener every morning. The COVID screener includes the requirement that a student with just one symptom must go home and self-isolate until they:

1. Receive a negative COVID-19 test result OR

2. Receive an alternative diagnosis by a health care professional OR

3. It has been 10 days since their symptoms began.

The protocol also requires that all household members isolate until the symptomatic student meets the above criteria.  This means that if you are picking up a student who is symptomatic, all siblings will be sent home at the same time.